Message from the President: Anne Masters, February 2014

Dear Friends,
I hope this newsletter finds you well and warm!

Dear Friends,
I hope this newsletter finds you well and warm!


THANK YOU to those of you who responded to the survey regarding current practices for spiritual assessment and/or support for spirituality and congregational participation. Fifteen of you have responded so far! We really appreciate your willingness to share your identity and contact information also. It will only be used to contact for clarification or to follow up on an interest to contribute to the project. If you missed the email, you can still respond to the survey here.


We are planning to gather a number of practices already being used, develop a larger study about this (see below), help sponsor a webinar series early in 2014, and more. Stay tuned!


Erik Carter ( will be leading a group to design and carry out a series of studies focusing on how agencies are (and might) address spiritual supports well. If you are interested in assisting with the planning (and conducting) of these studies, contact him. We will also be planning a collaborative white paper (for possible journal submission) on this topic.

Journal Access

We all received an invitation to register to login for AAIDD journals that come with our membership. This is DIFFERENT from the division journal, The Journal of Religion, Disability and Health, published by Taylor & Francis. JRDH can still be accessed from your member page on AAIDD website. Login and go to “publications.” All journals that you have access to will be listed there. You will be able to go directly to the division journal from that place, but you will need to login again for the AAIDD journals. Using the link that AAIDD sent for journal login will allow you to access the AAIDD journals online without the double login. I hope this makes sense – it’s easier than it sounds!

Annual Meeting

Orlando FL, June 23-26:

  • Division business meeting is expected to be during lunch on Wednesday June 25th.
  • Division dinner will be Wednesday evening, always a tasty, fun and worthwhile event. Members of Nella Uitvlugt’s family will be with us that evening.
  • Division Forum: Henri Nouwen Award will be presented posthumously to Nella for all her good work. Following this will be a community forum featuring national initiatives such as the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, the Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion, and the Autism Society of America’s Faith Initiative along with leaders from inclusive ministry organizations based in the mid-Florida area.

Hope to see you there to share ideas! If you’re looking for extra touring, discounts are available for Disney, just check AAIDD website.

God’s Peace,
Anne Masters
AAIDD Religion & Spirituality Division President


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